Dstv Installation DIY – The ultimate guide.

While hiring a team of specialists or a single professional to install and set up your DSTV dish is usually the best option, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. In reality, learning to do it yourself will most likely benefit you because the professional will not be around all of the time in case something goes wrong or if your dish requires modification.

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The first step is to mount the dish properly.

When you acquire your DSTV dish, you’ll notice that it comes with four cement screws. Drill four holes in the antenna mast’s base for the mounting site, which will require an unobstructed view pointing to the Eastern horizon. Following that, the cement screws will be inserted into the drilled holes.
Once the screws are in the holes, mount the antenna assembly on top of the dish’s mast. Pay careful attention to the mast’s center, which must be fastened to the back of the dish and aligned with the pole at the top of the mast. The two screws on the mast clamp must now be tightened in order for it to stay in place.

The second step is to orient the DSTV dish.

Use a sat meter to position the dish in the proper direction.
Adjust the elevation to your liking, which may be done from the side. There will be degree markers visible. Keep the temperature between 36 and 39 degrees.
By glancing at the dish, adjust the LNB to point at 4 o’clock. Continue to experiment with it to get the optimal signal quality.

Step three: Double-check everything and have a good time.

Use something as simple as cable ties to keep the cords from fraying on your wall.
Finally, for some high-definition entertainment, turn on your television and decoder.

dstv installation gauteng

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