Extra View Installation

You have the most flexibility with Extra View Installation since you can link two or three decoders to a single subscription. You can accommodate every member of your family using this. Additionally, there is still only one subscription fee (plus an Access Fee for each ExtraView decoder) to pay.

extraview setup

When ExtraView is configured, you can watch sports in the living room, cartoons for the smaller children in their rooms, and movies for the rest of the family in the TV room. The entire family will be satisfied with ExtraView. Additionally, Extra View enables Dstv customers to simultaneously record several shows on various decoders.

Third Viewing Setup: What Is It?

When three decoders are linked together in an extra view setup, this is known as third viewing. The Dstv Explora will invariably be installed in a setup for a third viewing environment. The Dstv Explora also needs to be set as the primary (main) decoder. Through Heartbeat, the Primary decoder connects with Secondary 1 and Secondary 2.

Heartbeat: What Is It?

View Extra Dstv The heartbeat is the message that is sent from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder(s) every 30 seconds. For more than three minutes, the secondary decoder(s) must maintain the Heartbeat in order to continue showing images. In order to prevent secondary decoders from losing visuals, the primary decoder must always be activated.

How many connections to Extra View are possible?

Dstv Extra View can be connected in a variety of ways. The types of decoders or installation styles you have will affect how you use these methods. If you live in an apartment with a shared system, for example, your installation of Extra View will be different from that of others who use their own dishes. Extra View can be accessed through a Dstv Smart LNB, Heartbeat Cable, Heartbeat Splitters, Diplexers, or a Dstv Explora Multi-Switch, among other methods.

Multichoice advises using authorized installers when connecting to Dstv Extra View Setup. Hire one of our qualified Dstv Installers to assist you with the installation of Dstv Extra View.

How do I use a Smart LNB to connect to Dstv Extra View?

The eye that you see installed on the DTV satellite dish is the Dstv Smart LNB, to which the signal cable is linked. It enables the connection of more recent Explora and HD decoder models in Extra View setup without the need for a Heartbeat Cable. Heartbeat will also be transmitted via the Dstv Smart LNB via the signal cable. Because you would only need one cable, this is one of the smartest ways to connect to Dstv Extra View.

However, heartbeat cables or diplexers are required when connecting a combination of the newest and oldest decoders. Additionally, the Dstv Smart LNB is only utilized while utilizing a personal satellite dish.

How do I use Heartbeat Cable to link Dstv Extra View?

The coaxial cable (dstv white cable) that connects the Extra View decoders is called Heartbeat Cable. so that the primary and secondary decoders can communicate with one another. To guarantee that you only pay for one subscription, the decoders must be able to communicate with one another.

It is mostly utilized when RF ports on obsolete decoder models need to be connected. Additionally, it is utilized when combining a set of older decoders that are incompatible with a Smart LNB.

How do I use a diplexer to connect to Dstv Extra View?

In order to reduce the number of cables in an Extra View Installation, diplexers are utilized to combine the signal and heartbeat wires into one cable. Because it avoids the need to install a second connection, it is more beneficial in homes that are already equipped with one cable. Two cables will be attached to the RF port and LNB port on the rear of your decoder. They will then enter the diplexer to combine into a single cable that will then connect to the Smart LNB.

What types of decoders work with Extra View Installation?

All decoders support ExtraView, although due to software updates, older decoders can cause issues when connected to newer versions. For more information, visit dstv.com or speak with one of our DStv Accredited Installers.

What benefits do Dstv Extra View connections offer?

  • You can watch in a second environment without purchasing a separate membership, which saves you money.
  • Each room connected to the Extra View will have independent access to all live TV services.
  • Given that the decoders are placed next to each TV in the various rooms, it also gives you the finest picture quality across all TVs.
  • Additionally, AV output ports or RF out ports can be used to connect Extra TV points.
  • While watching three additional channels, you can simultaneously record up to three distinct live channels.
  • Furthermore, you can independently change TV channels without bothering other viewers.





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