How to Activate Opeview View Decoder

How to Activate Open View Decoder:

In South Africa, there is no cost for using OpenView HD. More than 28 HD channels are available in its packages. On OVHD, you can find channels for movies, music, lifestyle, culture, learning, and religion, among other forms of entertainment. In South Africa, installing OVHD on your DSTV dish would allow you to watch free TV without any charges or commitments.

Opeview View Decoder

Getting Openview HD satellite TV service is now simpler than ever if you already have a satellite dish installed.

On a DSTV dish, StarTimes, or Freevision, OVHD can be configured. Take advantage of the same dish to get OpenView HD. Any TV dish can readily access OVHD because it is broadcast by the IS-20 and SES-5 satellites. A Step-by-Step Guide for Increasing DTV Signal Strength

To get started, purchase an OpenView HD decoder from a game store in South Africa for R599. After that, carefully follow the open-view installation instructions below to connect your decoder to an antenna.

How do I activate OVHD?

Activation comes after an open-view HD installation and scanning go smoothly. To activate your OVHD, simply adhere to these easy steps:

  • Press the ‘HELP’ button on your Openview remote control to bring up the help screen.
  • On a piece of paper, jot down your STB number.
  • Press the “EXIT” button on your remote control to go back to channel 100.
  • Use your phone to call the number indicated in the bottom right corner and then adhere to the instructions. Enter your STB number to finish the decoder activation process.
  • Your decoder can reboot and receive a software update while being activated. Watch for the software update to be completed.
  • After turning on your decoder, use the “p+” and “p-” buttons on your remote control to switch between channels.
  • Your Openview channels might not be visible for up to five minutes after the decoder is turned on.

Following these procedures will allow you to connect your OVHD decoder to your dish:

To connect the OpenView HD decoder to an already installed dish, such as a DStv dish, attach the dish’s cable to the LNB-IN connector first. The OpenView HD signal will then be automatically detected by the decoder. Another viewpoint on how to connect a DStv decoder to numerous TVs in a straightforward way

Top-of-the-line TV dish already in place:

An existing top TV dish can have an open-view hd installation by connecting the dish’s wire to the LNB-IN port. To activate the OVHD decoder, dial *120*6843*1# from your phone and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Please follow these instructions if you already have a satellite dish and wish to set up and activate your decoder:

To connect the decoder to the satellite dish, insert the LNB cable from the dish into the LNB IN or DISH IN slot on the back of the decoder. We’ll demonstrate how to install OVHD on a DSTV dish in this guide. How to connect your decoder to your television is as follows:

RCA Connector

If you’re using an RCA cable, connect the wires to the back of your decoder. Make that the port colors (red to red, white to white, and yellow to yellow) are followed while connecting the device.

By matching the colors of the TV ports, attach the other end of the cable to your TV. Make sure they are plugged into the INPUT ports.

The cables should be connected as follows if your TV lacks colored ports: yellow to VIDEO IN, white to AUDIO IN (L), and red to AUDIO IN (R), if available. Dstv Satellite Dish Signal Issues

Mini AV Jack

Use an AV mini jack cable to connect your decoder to the single jack when installing an OVHD. Afterward, attach the cable’s opposite end to your television.

Make sure the ports with the designation INPUT are properly connected. (Red to Red, White to White, and Yellow to Yellow) The connections’ colors should match the decoder ports’ colors.

The connectors should be plugged in as follows, if your TV’s connectors lack colored ports: yellow into VIDEO IN, white into AUDIO IN (L), and red into AUDIO IN (R), if available.


Plug the HDMI cable into the connector on the back of your decoder if you’re using it in an open-view installation, and then plug the other end into an HDMI port on your television.

It’s time to change your television’s input channel to the appropriate HDMI source.

  1. You must attach the power line to your decoder and connect it to a power source in order to power it. Then, your decoder ought to turn on and begin scanning.
  2. Following a successful scan, channel 100 will be visible
  3. The free open-view decoder should then be activated.







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