How To Connect Explora Decoder

How To Connect Explora Decoder to the satellite

If you are technically inclined, connecting your Explora decoder to the satellite dish is really simple. If your DStv Explora is connected properly, you can use decoder-bundled services like ShowMax, CatchUp, Netflix, and BoxOffice in addition to full HD channels.

But you must understand how to connect your decoder to the satellite if you want to take full advantage of the Explora. You can follow the instructions in this article to connect your Explora decoder.

dstv explora decoder

Equipment needed

You will require the following devices and extras to effectively connect your Explora decoder:

  1. 80-cm satellite dish
  2. A smart LNB
  3. RG6 coaxial cable
  4. A signal detector device
  5. If you’re utilizing a twin LNB or a shared dish, you should use a DStv Multiswitch.

Please be aware that the effectiveness of your Explora decoder will depend on how well the installation was done. Additionally, the installation is simple if you use a smart LNB.

If you are utilizing a twin LNB or staying in a condominium with a shared dish, connect your Explora using a Multiswitch. At the conclusion of this piece, I will describe how to use a Multiswitch. Contact our certified DStv specialist for assistance if you require technical support.

Connecting Explora Decoder using a Smart LNB

  1. Install and position the satellite dish properly.
    Make sure the location where the satellite dish is mounted is clear of anything that could interfere with the DStv signal. By avoiding mounting your dish near trees and tall structures that may block your DStv signal, you can avoid this problem.
  2. Connect the RG6 cable to the Smart LNB’s unicable port.
    Use an F-connector to attach the RG6 cable to the Unicable port on the smart LNB. Additionally, the two wires on the F-connector must never touch. Your decoder won’t get any signal if this happens.
  3. Connect your decoder to the RG6 cable.
    Your decoder has a port labeled “Unicable in” on the rear. Connect the RG6 cable from the dish using that port.
  4. Run the installation wizard
    Once you have connected the Explora decoder correctly to the satellite dish, run the installation wizard. Follow the steps in the wizard and make sure to use Quick Setup. You should wait for the three tuners to show blue bars of the signal before you initiate the scan.
  5. Contact Multichoice to activate the decoder
    If the decoder finishes the scanning step, you can proceed to call Multichoice agents so that they activate your decoder. Make sure channel 100 is playing. This shows you that the installation has been done correctly.

How to link two DStv Explora decoders with an additional view

Connect two DStv Explora decoders to Extra View using a Smart LNB. The connection is simple if you don’t want to use RF Out ports to connect additional TV connections. Simply connect the Explora decoders to the Smart LNB’s Unicable ports using two RG6 cables. Next, run the scan procedure by choosing the decoder numbers from the quick setup menu in the settings. Signal issues will occur if the two Explora decoders are set to the same settings.

How to connect an Explora without a Smart LNB

If you don’t have a smart LNB, you can connect your Explora decoder using a twin LNB and a Multiswitch. If you live in an apartment with a shared dish, this is typically the case. However, this kind of installation necessitates a lot of cabling because two cables must be run from the dish to the switch.

The switch’s ISO-20 inputs should receive the two cables coming from the dish. Following that, you can connect your Explora using the Unicable output.

Still Experiencing Issues?


Your decoder is not receiving any DStv signal if it does not scan. Discover the cause of your DStv Explora decoder’s signal loss by reading this page. If all else fails, then it’s time to look for a qualified DStv installation who can assist you.

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